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Shaklee Calcium Osteomatrix &
Chewable Cal Mag Plus

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Shaklee Calcium Magnesium Supplements:

Shaklee Calcium Magnesium

Shaklee OsteoMatrix®

You need more than just calcium to build strong bones.  Shaklee OsteoMatrix calcium products provides unique nutrients including calcium, vitamins D & K, magnesium to build and maintain strong bones. It's clinically proven to increase calcium absorption, and its small, coated caplets are easy to swallow!

Shaklee OsteoMatrix now has NEW higher levels of Vitamin D!

Shaklee Chewable Calcium Magnesium

Shaklee Chewable Cal Mag Plus provides 1,000 mg of calcium to help build bones and optimize peak bone mass, maintain bone density, and slow bone breakdown.

Shaklee Chewable Cal Mag Plus also now has NEW higher levels of Vitamin D!

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Shaklee Calcium Distributor

Shaklee Osteomatrix Calcium

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