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Shaklee Interferon Booster- Nutriferon

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Shaklee Interferon Booster- Nutriferon

Why is interferon important?  Each day we breathe, eat, touch and share millions of dangerous microbes that infest our surroundings. These dangerous microbes pose a health threat.

Shaklee Nutriferon interferonOur body's immune system provides us with multiple layers of defense. Still, daily life can challenge the function of our immune system. Some daily factors that challenge it are poor nutrition, stress, pollution and fatigue.

Scientific and medical communities have identifed interferon as a critical part of our immune system. The world renowned immunologist who discovered interferon in 1954 spent 40 years searching for a natural interferon booster. The combination of four natural compounds was found to increase the body's natural production of interferon.  The result of the immunologist's work is the botanical blend contained in Shaklee Nutriferon.

Shaklee Nutriferon natural interferon booster contains a patented, clinically proven blend of immune-strengthening plant extracts from pumpkin seeds, safflower flowers, plantago seeds, and Japanese honeysuckle flower buds.

Order Shaklee Nutriferon natural interferon booster to keep your immune system "ready to respond" every day. It is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. created by the doctor who discoved natural interferon that boosts the production of interferon in the body.

Shaklee Nutriferon natural interferon booster is not available in stores. It has exceeded a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and clinical tests for performance.

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