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Shaklee Resveratrol Vivix Tonic

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Shaklee Vivix® Resveratrol Tonic:

Shaklee Vivix® resveratrol tonic 30 day supply delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine. 

Shaklee resveratrol Vivix® tonic is all natural, patent pending, contains clinically tested key ingredients, and is exclusive.  Watch Shaklee Vivix Video

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Shaklee Resveratrol Vivix

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Shaklee Vivix 30 Day Supply
Shaklee Vivix Kosher 30 Day Suppl
Shaklee Vivix Kosher 30 Day Supply
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Shaklee Vivix Kosher 4 Pack
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Shaklee Resveratrol Product- Vivix

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