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Shaklee Women's Products

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Which Shaklee women's products are right for you?

Are you a woman in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or beyond?  Shaklee has products for every stage of a women's life.  Choose the Shaklee women's product that you think are right for you.  Shaklee Women's Health Products

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Shaklee Women's Products- Age 20-35 Women this age generally experience more stress than older women.  It is also important to get the right nutrients and provide your body with enough energy during this busy time of life.  Now is the time to provide your bones with the needed calcium also.  Preventing fine lines and wrinkles might also be of your concern. Therefore, we recommend the following Shaklee products for women ages 20-35.  

Shaklee Women's Products- Ages 35-50 Women of this age will begin to slow down the process of their reproductive years.  The duration and intensity of symptoms vary from person to person.  A healthy diet and lifestyle, along with consuming phytoestrogens may reduce the symptoms.  You will also want to continue providing your body with the proper nutrients for optimal health along with the calcium magnesium that it needs to maintain strong bones.  You might also be concerned about laugh lines, crow's feet and a double chin starting to appear as collagen and elastin begin to break down.  You may have trouble with retaining skin moisture and your scalp and hair might experience changes as well.  Therefore, we recommend the following products for women ages 35-50.

Shaklee Women's Products- 50 and beyond Women of this age might be concerned about maintaining strong bones, healthy joints, and promotion cardiovascular health, and preventing osteoporosis.  You might also be concerned with drier skin that can also be more prone to irritation and wrinkles.  Therefore, we recommend the following products for women ages 50 and beyond.

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